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My Story

Small town girl with big dreams.

My flower farm journey began in 2020 when the world was shut down and I found myself, quite literally, forced to stop and smell the roses. I was trying to keep myself busy outside and to model to my children the importance of staying physically and mentally well during a time of such uncertainty. It was after planting my first dahlia and discovering its beauty that I realized just how happy it made me. I knew I wanted to spread that happiness to others. In 2021, Blooms of Lost Acres as born. I made my first farm investment (a rototiller) and got to work. Within four months I had grown 40 dahlia plants and zinnias. I enjoyed putting together flower bunches and sharing them as a way to spread joy. Fall came and I took on my next flower challenge by planting 2,850 tulip bulbs. Come spring, I sold out of my tulips in under six weeks. The joy it brought to the community was infectious, and I was hooked. For year two I planted more than double my original dahlia crop with 130 plants and then more than triple the previous year’s tulip crop with 10,100 bulbs! I look forward to continuing to grow this business and spread joy with my blooms.

Gabby Galiatsatos, owner of Blooms of Lost Acres, sits by her stairway surrounded by tulipsf Lost Acres
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